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Corporate Information

The Essential Business Software Group [EBSG] is a genuinely "21st Century Organization" in origin, outlook and in the manner of it's operations. Founded originally in the United Kingdom in the autumn of 2001, it moved its base of operations to Phoenix, Arizona during the summer of 2009 in readiness for the second phase of its corporate evolution and prior to bringing a wider range of solutions to the market.

EBSG believes strongly walking it's own talk by using both the technology that it promotes and the applications that it develops and/or resells to drive unnecessary costs out of its business model, to facilitate an "any time, any place, anywhere" working environment for its employees and partners and to provide the optimum level of service at the lowest possible price point for its clients.

EBSG is committed not only to maintaining the ongoing functional evolution of its own business software applications but to the concept of "partnering" with specialist providers of best-of-breed tools and utility products for the Notes/Domino environment to further extend both the functional capabilities and scalability of its solutions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the global community of Lotus Notes and Domino users by focusing exclusively on the provision of cost-effective packaged & custom developed business applications for that platform, which leverage the unique capabilities of the Domino server way beyond its generic use as a simple email and calendaring environment.

We therefore play our part in ensuring that organizations large and small around the world get the very best out of their investment in Lotus Notes & Domino.

People and Process

We have talented, committed and competent people with a positive attitude and a sense of urgency. We belive strongly in the development of our people and to building a shared commitment to continuous improvement in the development of the business.

We seek to develop our people by delegating responsibility, providing continuous training and demonstrating our preference for internal appointments. Our Reward and Recognition programs indicate the importance we attach to teamwork.

We recruit and promote on merit without regard to age, gender, race, nationality, faith, sexual orientation or disability. We work with clear operating procedures and simple transparent processes.

We provide each other with relevant, complete, concise and timely information. When we do things, we do them properly. We deliver - first time, every time - especially in regard to our Annual Business and Quality Goals.

Implementation and leadership of these principles has a direct bearing on career progression and compensation within EBSG.


Our focus on Continuous Quality Improvement revolves around continuously asking: Who are our customers? What are their needs? How are we doing? What can we do better? We identify and monitor our key processes through our quality objectives using process indicators.

Our systems comply with the Best Practice requirements of European, US and other regulatory bodies.


We comply with legal and regulatory requirements and show personal integrity in our dealings with each other and the outside world. We work to reduce any adverse impact of our business on the environment and to provide a safe working environment for our employees.

We embrace the responsibility inherent in supplying business software products both directly and via partners and our ultimate responsibility to our end customer.
EBSG: The Social Business & Collaboration Specialists


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