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The EBSG Network Portfolio of Services 

The overall EBSG service portfolio has been considerably extended following the launch of 'The EBSG Network' on January 1st, 2011 and EBSG is delighted to announce a service delivery capability that now touches quite literally upon EVERY imaginable aspect of the operational use of and support for, IBM's Lotus Notes/Domino technology.

The EBSG Network is a collaborative business network of completely independent Notes/Domino Business Partners & Technical Specialists - primarily from around the United States but with a growing international membership as well - who have chosen to complement their own independent operations with participation in EBSG Network activities that are designed to extend the reach of each individual member through the collaborative sharing of resources and expertise.

Consequently - with direct access to many of the best "independent" minds in the industry - EBSG can now offer its clients a range of services and a level of expertise that is unparalleled from any other single source, not only anywhere else in the United States but anywhere else in the industry globally.

EBSG retains its core focus on the provision of "best of breed" business applications for the Notes/Domino platform but can now also provide architecture, security, administration and systems integration consultancy as well as project-based, custom application development resource as and when required.

EBSG's unique perspective and some equally unique services to assist you in getting the most out of your investment in the Notes/Domino platform remain intact. The EBSG Network simply complements our core activities and allows us to provide you with a one-stop-shop for Notes/Domino services to complement our best-of-breed application portfolio.

This page presents a mere summary of our approach as it relates specifically to packaged application deployment. Please follow the links from the menu above for more details on the broader range of general and specific services now available.

Application Readiness Consultancy:
"No-one ever plans to fail. They simply fail to plan"

Our first level of application specific service relates to what we call 'Application Readiness' activities and involves es a wide range of 'pre-project' activities designed to ensure that each customer in turn knows exactly what they want, gets exactly what they specify and that the desired or anticipated results are both reasonable and achievable.

We have learnt over the years that simply implementing a new IT system without due thought being given to the wider 'business process' and 'organizational culture' issues rarely achieves the desired result and as such we include around half a day of this type of consultancy within each "Quick Start" program.
Initial Solution Delivery:
"Structured 'Quick Start' or 'Made-to-Measure'. The choice is yours."

Our second level of application specific service relates to what we call 'Solution Delivery' activities. These activities typically break down into the three clearly identifiable sub-categories of 'Custom Application Development', package 'Tailoring & Customization' and then fully tailored 'Deployment Assistance'.

Once the decision is taken to implement one of our solutions we pride ourselves on our ability to guide our customers through the minefield of application implementation 'gotchas' so that our customers arrive at the point where they are ready to "GO LIVE" at the earliest opportunity.

If we come across a scenario where one of our standard applications isn't quite right for the customer, then we will do everything in our power to tailor the solution to the business requirement at no additional cost.
Ongoing Support & Maintenance:
"Only once the deployment is done can the true relationship really begin."

Our third level of service delivery relates to what we do for our customers post implementation of one of our solutions and can best be described as application 'Support & Maintenance'.

We regard the start of the 'Support & Maintenance' phase of a project as the true starting point of our long term relationship with our customers. After all, our customers don't invest in our solutions simply to give us a few weeks of implementation work. They invest in our solutions to give themselves many years of return on their investment through improved operational efficiency in their specific area of operational focus.

We believe strongly that for this return to be realized in full then the relationship with ourselves must remain in particular proactive rather than reactive. As such, we offer a wide range of services to encourage feedback and dialogue aimed at delivering continuous improvement in the deployed application to meet the constantly evolving business need.

For more specific information and comprehensive detail on each of these service areas simply follow one or more of the links provided. And if you can't find what you're looking for then why not 'Ask a Question' via the Support section of this site. We look forward to hearing from you.
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