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The overall portfolio of packaged products available from EBSG is a combination of our own fully packaged business solutions and a range of award winning Partner Products from around the globe. In addition, we carry some very useful tools and utilities from our partners that are ideal for use as "bolt-on upgrades" to any existing Notes/Domino application to enhance the scalability and functional performance of those databases.

The EBSG Smart Software Portfolio [EBSG-SSP]:
Since January 1st, 2010 EBSG has been marketing each of its own brand, fully packaged business solutions as part of a single family of products called the "Smart Software Portfolio". All previous packaged solutions marketed by EBSG [ie the Essential Help Desk and Connect CRM product lines] have been fully embraced within this single portfolio and the current release of each of those solutions can be found under the revised "SupportSmart" and "SellSmart" product names respectively.

All the EBSG-SSP solutions have many design elements, features & functions in common and are designed to work either as individual "point solutions" or in fully intregrated and complementary fashion for more comprehensive functional coverage.

The intial EBSG-SSP release embraced specific solutions for the HR, the IT the Sales and the Marketing departments of organizations as well as a completely universal "Workgroup Productivity Solution" suitable for deployment within virtually any Division, Department, Team or Workgroup within most organizations.

Many new EBSG-SSP releases are scheduled to take place progressively throughout the course of 2011.
The EBSG Partner Product Portfolio [EBSG-PPP]:
Complementing the launch of EBSG's Smart Software Portfolio on January 1st, 2010, EBSG also made available a small portfolio of best-of-breed packaged applications from other award winning Independent Software Vendors [ISV's] from around the globe. This portfolio has proven so successful that it has been extended considerably for 2011 and now embraces many of the most popular applications available today for the Notes/Domino platform.

EBSG's goal in complementing it's own packaged applications with those of its international vendor partners is to provide you with a truly "one-stop-shop" not only for the very best packaged productivity applications from around the globe but also for local implementation, training and support resources to make any application deployment a roaring success.
The EBSG Portfolio of "Bolt-On" Application Extensions:
For those of you who already use Notes/Domino as a groupware or web application platform and have pre-existing [or perhaps even "legacy"] Notes/Domino applications already in place, EBSG has put together a small portfolio of tools and utilities that are ideal for use as "bolt-on" upgrades or extensions to those applications.

If any of your Notes/Domino applications need a bit of a facelift or require enhanced functional capabilities in the areas of Reporting, Office Suite Integration, Searching, Archiving, Workflow - or even Going Mobile!! - then take a look at some of the tools that we have collected here.
The EBSG Portfolio of Administrator Tools:
Few organizations can afford NOT to take steps to minimize the amount of time that skilled administrators spend unnecessarily on mundane and routine tasks that could very easily be automated with the right tool set or on resolving issues that could be eliminated completely via the automated enforcement of policy based controls.

To ensure that each of our clients have the opportunity to get much more done in far less time and thereby remain way ahead of the pack, EBSG has put together a small portfolio of some of the very best productivity tools for administrators currently out there.
The EBSG Portfolio of Developer Tools:
In similar fashion to in the area of Notes/Domino administration, corporate Notes/Domino developers are under increasing pressure to get much more done in far less time. In this environment, using the right developer tools is absolutely crucial to optimum performance.

Taking our first steps into this space, EBSG has put together a small portfolio of developer tools that focus on one of the common development requirements in the Notes/Domino world today, that of web-enabling Notes/Domino applications WITHOUT having to resort to Xpage development.

EBSG's tool set in this area can accurately estimate the development effort required to web enable any given Notes application and will then offer an estimate of the time savings to be realized using the developer tools available. With more and more organizations realizing that web enablement of applications and deployment of those applications via tablet pc's is far preferable to - and more practical than - full mobility via smart phones, this tool set is rapidly becoming one of the most strategic in our portfolio.
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