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The EBSG Network: A Truly Unique Partnering Opportunity 

Joining 'The EBSG Network' is the quickest and most efficient means through which any current IBM/Lotus Business Partner, IBM/Lotus Technical Specialist or IBM/Lotus Independent Software Vendor [ISV] can immediately increase their service delivery capability and/or broaden their product or service portfolio, enabling them to tap into net new revenue streams WITHOUT any of the financial investment and/or 'enablement lead time' associated with more traditional 'Partner' or 'Reseller' programs.

How is this possible? Because 'The EBSG Network' is a growing global network of independent Notes/Domino specialists who choose to complement their own independent operations by collaborating with other network members on projects too large to take on - or indeed, too large to even win - by themselves and who also benefit from the full time sales and marketing activities of EBSG, which feeds the network with a steady stream of new project opportunities upon which to bid.

Each member of 'The EBSG Network' falls into one or more of the following three categories; i. Service Partners - Those with specialist technical skills, experience and expertise, ii. Vendor Partners - Those with fully packaged and off-the-shelf applications, tools and utilities for sale, & iii. Sales Partners - Those with specialist Notes/Domino solution sales expertise.

Within this context, The Essential Business Software Group [EBSG] can be regarded primarily as a global sales and marketing operation dedicated to the promotion and sale of 'best-of-breed' Lotus Notes & Domino based solutions and acting as the primary 'Sales Partner' for the entire network.

Becoming an 'EBSG Network Member' is like adding a whole new sales team to your company at absolutely no cost to you .... and better still .... one that comes fully trained, experienced and motivated to generate net-new revenues for you from day one, not in three or six months time after the typical 'ramp up' period.

To learn more about becoming a member of 'The EBSG Network' and what that could mean for your or your organization, simply send an email in the first instance to 'partnering@ebs4domino.com' to set up a time for a no-cost, no-obligation exploratory discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.
EBSG: The Social Business & Collaboration Specialists


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