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The EBSG Smart Software Portfolio 

***** From January 1st, 2010 onwards all EBSG solutions have been marketed as part of this portfolio. *****

The EBSG Smart Software Portfolio [EBSG-SSP] both embraces and extends our pre-existing solution range by adding significantly enhanced functionality and modular options to our pre-existing solutions, as well as adding completely new line of business solutions/ applications previously unavailable from EBSG.

The EBSG-SSP was developed to provide existing Notes/Domino users with an interchangeable family of cost effective business applications that more fully leverages their investment in that environment than using Notes/Domino for email, calendar & scheduling alone will ever do.

Many of the world's largest and most successful corporate entities, many national, provincial, state & city governments as well as many of the global non-government organizations [NGO's] have been successfully leveraging the Notes/Domino platform to deliver mission critical web and groupware enabled applications for years, so why not you?

The first step in the process is recognizing that Lotus Notes & Domino is so much more than just an email & calendaring solution. The second step is recognizing that most of your people already have the Notes client on their desktops, so you already have your base client licenses and infrastructure in place. The third step is realizing that whatever business applications you need, they would benefit from the tightest possible integration with your email and calendaring platform.

Once you get to that point, is there really any reason left NOT to consider Notes/Domino applications FIRST!!!

Each EBSG-SSP solution is designed to offer you the optimum balance between functionality and price and is made available in design unlocked form such that you may implement any minor cosmetic changes that you require without relying upon EBSG to introduce such a feature in the next product release.

Alternatively, you can invest in a Development Level Support agreement from EBSG and get the best of both worlds, ie a fully packaged solution enhanced to your own specification that carries your enhancements through to every successive package release to which you upgrade at no additional cost to you.

Each EBSG-SSP solution benefits from and shares in the following generic features, functions & attributes:

End User Specific Dashboard Interface - Our popular 'end user dashboard' facility that has been available for many years within our sales force automation solutions is being made available as a generic EBSG-SSP solution feature.

Role & End User Specific Navigational Interfaces - Our completely new naviagational schema allows application administrators to deploy custom navigational outlines specific to their organisational requirements without any code level changes whatsoever

Enhanced Graphical Reporting Capabilities - Each EBSG-SSP solution ships with both a range of standard and pre-formatted graphical reports as well as with a design level license to a market leading report generator to again allow application administrators to define reports to meet specific organisational requirements

Enhanced Office Suite Integration - Whether your preference is for the Microsoft Office Suite, the Open Office Suite or the new Lotus Symphony Office Suite, your EBSG-SSP solution will integrate fully with those environments for enhanced document generation and report production

Fully Configurable Workflow Engine - Each EBSG-SSP solution can be fully workflow enabled for enhanced functional capability via the addition of our fully configurable workflow management engine. This again puts control in the hands of your application administrator who can build fully custom workflows [without code level changes or customization] via this document-centric workflow management tool

Cross Database Searching Capabilities - Each EBSG-SSP solution can be deployed in conjunction with an intuitive, multi-threaded & cross database search engine for significantly enhanced data retrieval.

Fully Automated & Enhanced Data Archiving - Each EBSG-SSP solution can be deployed with a fully automated archive management engine for enhanced scalability, archiving and retrieval of data to keep live system databases [and mail files!!] performing at their best and within quota.

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